Biffy Clyro Curate 50th Anniversary Led Zeppelin Playlist

Biffy Clyro Curate 50th Anniversary Led Zeppelin Playlist

biffy clyro led zeppelin playlist
L: Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro (Photo by Robert Schlesinger/Redferns/Getty Images) R: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin (Photo by Raoul/IMAGES/Getty Images)

Scottish juggernauts Biffy Clyro are next in line to honour Led Zeppelin with a personally curated playlist, featuring all the songs that inspired and influenced their sound. 

Led Zeppelin's streaming services have been updated regularly with these artist-curated playlists over the past few months, as part of their 50th Aniversary celebrations. Biffy Clyro's addition sits alongside Jack White (from The White Stripes), Royal Blood, The Breeders, The Black Keys and Mumford & Sons as a handful of bands who were approached to participate in playlist creation.

Biffy's playlist kicks off with "No Quarter" into "Kashmir" and includes some of the usual suspects in "Black Dog" and "Going To California" as well as "In The Light" from Physical Graffiti. Some classic and expected inclusions from one of the most uniquely recognisable bands of the past 15 years. If you have not come across Biffy Clyro before, a great place to start is the brand new "Balance Not Symmetry" single off the album soundtrack of the same name, video below - then work all the way back to 2009's Only Revolutions which includes the hits "Many Of Horror" and "Mountauns" - an absolute belter of an album!

Another interesting fact that ties these bands together (almost); iconic graphic artist Storm Thorgerson, who created the album cover for Biffy's Puzzle album from 2007 was also the original artist commissioned to design the cover for Led Zep's Houses Of The Holy (1973), however, the concept was not approved and the band chose the image of the children climbing over the Giant's Causeway by Aubrey Powell

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