Bonnie Tyler Announces New Album, The Best Is Yet To Come

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Bonnie Tyler Announces New Album, The Best Is Yet To Come

bonnie tyler
Bonnie Tyler (image supplied). 

Pop icon, Bonnie Tyler is set to release a brand new studio album, The Best Is Yet To Come, on February 26th, 2021. The first  single from the upcoming release, “When The Lights Go Down” is out today (stream/download, here).

The album comes packed with the epic anthems the Welsh songstress is best known for, driven by her instantly recognisable voice. Again, working with long-time producer David Mackay, this new album stands proudly amongst anything she has done in the past. Listen to a three track medley from the upcoming album below.

Speaking of the new album, Tyler said:  “I have been anxious to sing for you all for the past 10 long and scary months. I realise some of you have suffered from the virus and loss of family and friends and my heart aches for you. Music can lighten our load and is always my personal retreat. I hope these new songs will lift your spirits." 

"I am so happy and proud of this new album. It simply rocks and brings a smile to my face every time I put it on. The moment we can get back on stage and see your smiling faces will be extra special. I promise the best IS yet to come.”

the bestie yet to come
The Best Is Yet To Come.

The title of the album certainly suggests there's plenty more great music and iconic tunes to come from Bonnie Tyler! The Best Is Yet To Come will be available on CD and digital on February 26th. You can pre-order it, here.

Stream/download the first single, "When The Lights Go Down," here. 

Listen to Bonnie Tyler on Spotify:

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