Celebrating 20 Years of Coldplay’s Parachutes

Celebrating 20 Years of Coldplay’s Parachutes

Coldplay. Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images.

Coldplay’s debut album, Parachutes was one of fairytale success, quickly climbing to number one on the UK charts – where it has since been certified 9x Platinum – and winning the band a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album thanks to a string of hit singles, “Shiver,” “Yellow,” “Trouble,” and “Don’t Panic” that each cut straight to the heart of music fans around the world for their strikingly honest, introspective explorations of the soaring highs and gut-wrenching lows of life and love.

Marking 20 years since Parachutes' 2000 release, we’re taking a look back at those four singles that first introduced the band’s unique mix of melodic, melancholic soft rock and infectious collective hope the world for the very first time. Enjoy below.


The shimmering guitars of “Shiver” are like liquid emotion coursing through Chris Martin’s raw and angelic exposé of unrequited love which burns with heartbreak as strongly as with hope.


The sugary sweet charm of “Yellow” was almost too much the world to handle – this song was EVERYWHERE! And for good reason – it’s been said that the key to a perfect pop song is the ability to sum up the greatest universal themes in the simplest way; and this song is about as good as it gets. Martin channeled the unexplainable, adrenaline rush of new love into the undeniable heart-warming joy of all things golden, somehow explaining the unexplainable with one word. 


Putting not only the heart of the band, but also their undeniably timeless songwriting talents on display with the piano-led ballad of ”Trouble” and it’s soaring chorus; telling it’s story as much with words as with the emotionally swirling guitars that weave their way throughout.

“Don't Panic”

With it's ironically reserved alarm, “Don’t Panic” seems melancholic on the surface, but it’s comes with and simple reminder that despite the many forces beyond our control, the things that mean the most come free; which is as timely a message now as it was when the song was first released 20 years ago.

coldplay vinyl
20th Anniversary Yellow Vinyl Edition of  Parachutes 

Coldplay’s limited-edition 20th Anniversary yellow vinyl pressing of Parachutes, is out now – check it out, here.

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