Celebrating 21 Years Of Eskimo Joe

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Celebrating 21 Years Of Eskimo Joe

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Inshalla by Eskimo Joe, originally released in 2009, today is available as part of the band's 21st Anniversary (since they formed) celebrations. The new edition, available here, is the third in the reissue series, following Girl and Ghosts Of The Past.

Inshalla is also available on limited edition orange vinyl, a stunning one for the collection!

inshalla eskimo joe

Here, in Kev Temperley's own words, he reflects on Inshalla...

The word Inshalla means “God willing” or “What will be, will be”.  It's such a musical word when you say it, it sings off the tongue.

So much of the music and stories we had written in Eskimo Joe in the past had been about living in Fremantle and looking out at the world.

Now, we were out there in the world, and truly looking back at where we had been. We were touring North America, some nights playing to sold out crowds in L.A, New York, Austin and then other nights playing to three people at a strip mall in Phoenix Arizona.

This time, instead of having stories about our friends and our life in Fremantle, we had travelled......our stories were now written sitting in El Fishawy Cafe in the old market place in Cairo, or walking around Soho in New York.... in places where we were always strangers.

There were times like when we learned about Heath Ledger's death while on the red carpet in New York at the Lincoln Centre for G'Day USA and the days that followed.... haunted me. Watching the media pick apart the life of this young talented man from our home town made me feel the intense loneliness of an Australian dying alone in a 'Foreign Land'. We were wrestling with the hedonistic heights of success and trying to remember who we were when we started the journey which resonates in the song ‘Losing My Mind’. Yet we were still discovering who we really were and the new territory of times to come in songs like ‘Childhood Behaviour’ and 'Your Eyes’

One morning in Baltimore in a hotel on the outskirts of town, everything changed.  I was woken up by a phone call.....it was my partner at the time and she was pregnant with our first child.  It was amazing news, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to get back home to start a family but we had a tour to complete, a long, gruelling tour of the States and a record to write with it.

When we arrived back home to Fremantle, Gil Norton answered our call and worked with us on recording our album "Inshalla".  We set off for the beautiful location of Byron Bay and it was there, amongst the huge tropical bugs and golf ball size hail stones, that the album took shape. We found ourselves pushing harder in the studio, trying to innovate quicker and come up with new sounds and song structures. We had grown up on bands like Pixies, and on albums like ‘The Color and the Shape’ by Foo Fighters, and Gil Norton is credited with inventing the quiet/loud verse/chorus that became the blueprint of Nirvana's sound.  So it was a buzz to work with one of our heroes and hear all his fantastic stories.

I feel like through the process of this album we were reborn.  We started out this band proud to be kids from Freo writing about our own backyard, but then we felt like we needed put on a different skin to evolve to the next level.....the characters we were in "Black Fingernails Red Wine" became us and we forgot who we were for a moment."Inshalla" was a process of us retreating back into our cocoon and then shedding that skin, only to emerge as something brand new and we tried to make sure that the album's artwork represented this. If "Black Fingernails Red Wine" was about the idea of getting lost in the night, now we were out there and if we didn’t do something radical we would stay lost forever.  

I can’t think of a more perfect word to represent this period of our lives.  "Inshalla", what a blessing it was indeed.


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