Eskimo Joe: A Song Is A City

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Eskimo Joe: A Song Is A City

eskimo joe, 2004
Eskimo Joe circa 2004. Photo by Martin Philbey/Redferns.

Eskimo Joe have been celebrating 21 years since their formation and the multi-platinum releases that have marked their career along the way, with a series of limited-edition, coloured vinyl reissues of their back catalogue. After Reissuing Girl, Ghosts Of The Past and Inshalla in 2018, and the colossal Black Fingernails Red Wine in 2019, Eskimo Joe will bring the run of reissues to a close with a very special anniversary edition of their double-platinum sophomore album from 2004, A Song Is A City on silver vinyl – out May 29th

Eskimo Joe | “From the Sea”

Singles “From The Sea”, “Smoke”, “Older Than You and “Life Is Better With You” brought the band to the forefront of rock back in 2004 with powerful story telling and emotive lyrics, as singer Kav Temperley recalls: “All these stories are real for me, but over a decade later I now know that these stories aren’t just about us any more, they are for everyone who has listened to this record, taken it into their lives, and made it their own personal soundtrack."

Eskimo Joe | “Smoke”

A Song Is A City was recorded in Sydney with producers Paul McKercher and Nick Launay then finished off at Debaser Studios in Perth. The album debuted at #2 on the ARIA charts in May 2004 and spent 27 weeks in the ARIA top 50 albums chart, catapulting the band and album to go over two times Platinum. Media and fans alike praised the album with rave reviews, winning both Engineer and Producer of the year alongside seven nominations at the ARIA awards. 

Guitarist, Stuart MacLeod recalls: “It was an exciting time for the band; we were touring heavily, enjoying songwriting and having a great time in the studio. We learned a lot about engineering and production working alongside an industry legend in Paul McKercher. This record gave us our first ARIA for Producing; something I’m incredibly proud of to this day.”

Eskimo Joe | “Older Than You”

“It’s the sort of sophomore album that bands dream about making – focussed, determined, filled with fantastic songs, and nothing short of brilliant. Seriously.” – The Brag, June 7, 2004

Now, fans can look forward to a very special reissue of the double-platinum album on silver vinyl, a special edition 22-track Deluxe Edition CD along with digital versions. A Song Is A City (Coloured Vinyl Anniversary Edition) will be released 29th May, 2020. Pre-order your copy here. 

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