Cher Breaks Down 22 Looks From 1965 To Now

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Cher Breaks Down 22 Looks From 1965 To Now

cher looks from 1965 vogue
(Source: Vogue YouTube)

If you thought Cher couldn't be more fabulous, thank again! 

Here in this excellent interview shot by Vogue Magazine, the Queen of Pop talks us through a photo gallery of over twenty of her most iconic looks from throughout her illustrious career as a musician and actor. 

Looking like an absolute glamour with flowing red locks and dripping in diamonds, Cher is brazen (as expected) about some of her outfit choices from 1965 through to present. By flicking through pages of a photo book, she remains proud of many of the images and explains the concept for the overall look, the occasion it was for and details about the designer or behind the scenes story. For others, she's honest about the look not quite working and turns the page quickly. 

We just love her! 

An icon of music and fashion, some of these now-legendary looks are instantly memorable, such as Cher's outfit for the Grammy's, Time Magazine cover, and Vogue cover shoot - despite being told she'd never get a cover. 

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