David Bowie’s 90s Live Album, LIVEANDWELL.COM Reissued on Vinyl For The First Time

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David Bowie’s 90s Live Album, LIVEANDWELL.COM Reissued on Vinyl For The First Time

Posted 14 Dec 2020
david bowie 1997
David Bowie live in 1997. Photo by Paul Bergen/Redferns/Getty Images. 

The third instalment in a series of very special David Bowie live albums from the 90s has just been announced. Brilliant Live Adventures (1995-1999) is a six part series to be released on CD and vinyl over the coming months, with Part 3: LIVEANDWELL.COM available to pre-order now, here.



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LIVEANDWELL.COM was recorded in New York, Amsterdam and Rio De Janeiro during Bowie’s 1997 Earthling tour. The first 10 tracks have, until now, only been physically available to a limited number of BowieNet subscribers. This expanded edition includes two bonus tracks, “Pallas Athena” and “V-2 Schneider” which were originally released as a 12” single under the name The Tao Jones Index – the alias Bowie and his band played under for a surprise set at the Phoenix Festival in England in 1997.


db liveandwell
LIVEANDWELL.COM on vinyl and CD. 

These limited-edition vinyl and CD sets come with newly designed artwork featuring a cover shot of Bowie taken by Scarlet Page while rehearsing for his June 1997 London Hanover Grand shows. LIVEANDWELL.COM is Part 3 of six albums that make up the Brilliant Live Adventures (1995-1999) series of releases – stay tuned for more to come!

David Bowie LIVEANDWELL.COM is out January 15th on CD and vinyl. Pre-order HERE.

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