Dylan Lewis Catches Up With All The Bands You Discovered on Recovery

Dylan Lewis Catches Up With All The Bands You Discovered on Recovery

recovery reunion
Dylan Lewis with The Living End (Photo: YouTube)

When you think about Aussie rock in the 90s, we owe a lot to Recovery. Dylan Lewis and Jane Gazzo were a portal of discovery for the latest bands, first. 

It was a time when performing live on TV was a breakthrough moment for our local bands, a way to get in front of the whole of Australia and build a national fan base all the while slugging it out on the live and festival circuits. Free to air TV was the most sought after the platform of exposure for any band, and so many of them went on to become household names in Australia following a ripping Recovery set. 

It's a crying shame that a programme like this no longer exists for young bands. Recovery was a rite of passage for so many Aussie bands, who took the opportunity to show off their chops, get through an often curveball-style interview, and keep coming back as they developed. Surely the catalyst that turned casual observers into superfans. This writer here clearly remembers buying tickets to see Magic Dirt and The Mavis's off the back of their Recovery debuts. 

In a fantastic new online series called Recovery Reunion, Dylan catches up with all of your fave 90s bands to reminisce about those good old days and dissect the importance of those early Recovery performances. 

It's absolutely wonderful to see the likes of Adalita from Magic Dirt, Sarah from The Superjesus, Quan and Ben from The 'Gurge, Ben from Silverchair and The Living End lads, plus so many more of the bands that defined and ruled the 90s and early 00s, remembering the show as fondly as the fans do. 

Here are just a few of the sand-out the interviews, and you can find the link to watch all episodes in full below. 

The Living End

Ben from Silverchair

Sarah from The Superjesus

And, who can forget The Enforcer? That random masked guy that everyone was afraid of. If you never figured out who he was, all is revealed here...

You can watch every episode in full here on the Double J site. 

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