Easyfever Revisited!!

Easyfever Revisited!!


Exciting news for Aussie rock and ‘60s fans! The ABC’s Easybeats mini-series is now in production!

The 2-part series, which will apparently screen late this year, kicks off in 1964 when the band met and formed in the Villawood migrant hostel in Sydney. Most of you will know the basic story; the film production people angle it like this:

"Interwoven with a killer soundtrack, this two-part mini-series touches on themes of celebrity, damnation and redemption. It was a wild ride being rock stars in the swinging '60s. And in their pursuit of success the members of the band each struggled with their own sense of self and the loss of identity that comes with overwhelming fame. But in the end they came to understand that, though they were all from different countries, the sum of the musical parts was quintessentially Australian."

Written by Christopher Lee (Gallipoli, Howzat) and directed by Matthew Saville (The Slap), the mini-series boasts an impressive cast with Christian Byers (Puberty Blues, December Boys) as Stevie Wright, Will Rush (Waterloo Road) as George Young, Mackenzie Fearnley (Ultramarine) as Harry Vanda, Du Toit Bredenkamp (who played Russell Morris in Molly) as Dick Diamonde and Arthur McBain as Snowy Fleet.


- DL

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