Epic New Trailer Shared for Upcoming David Bowie Film, ‘Moonage Daydream'

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Epic New Trailer Shared for Upcoming David Bowie Film, ‘Moonage Daydream'

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Iconic, otherworldly pop culture phenomenon, David Bowie is the subject of a new film, titled Moonage Daydream, which will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this week. 

Ahead of the film’s highly-anticipated debut, a new trailer for Moonage Daydream has been shared, offering up a fascinating preview of the – more or less guaranteed extraordinary – cinematic experience. The film's writer and director, Brett Morgen hopes that the film will offer a deeper understanding of one of the most enigmatic figures – in terms of art, music, fashion, philosophy and more – in modern history.   

According to Morgen, the David Bowie Estate endorsed film is neither a biography nor documentary, but rather a knowledge-driven deep dive into the famously unconventional artist. “Bowie cannot be defined, he can be experienced,” Morgen, who also directed Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck in 2015, said during a recent appearance at 2022’s CinemaCon. “That is why we crafted Moonage Daydream to be a unique cinematic experience.”

The new trailer is narrated by a voiceover addressing the eternally big questions, like who Bowie really was and “where did he come from?" the voiceover continues. "Is he a creature of a foreign power? Is he a creep? Is he dangerous? Is he smart? Dumb? Nice to his parents? Real? A put-on? Crazy, sane, man, woman, robot? What is this?"

Considering that, in 2022, Bowie's radical ideas of 1971 have become the new black and, upon reflection, continue to offer advice wildly ahead of its time, in the words of Morgen, “…David Bowie is the perfect star for this moment.” 

Watch the Moonage Daydream trailer below!

‘Moonage Daydream’ | [Official Teaser Trailer]

With the permission and blessing of Bowie’s family, Morgen spent over two years reviewing material for the film, uncovering a treasure of footage from Bowie's sacred archives. “David was there to show me it was OK to be myself. That my differences were my strengths,” Morgen said. “In 1971, that idea was radical. In 2022, it is mainstream. That’s why David Bowie is the perfect star for this moment.” 

After spending five careful years in the making, the production is now complete. Moonage Daydream is expected to hit theatres in September this year, and streaming via in early 2023. We will keep you posted as more details are unveiled!

And, going back to when Bowie's otherworldly transformation became a fully-realised prophecy...

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