Eric Clapton Documentary

Eric Clapton Documentary


The trailer for Eric Clapton's Life In 12 Bars documentary which is coming to Showtime in February 2018 appears to cover his entire career as well moments of his personal life. Directed by Oscar-winner Lili Fini Zanuck (Rush, Driving Miss Daisy), it's an unflinching and deeply personal look into the life of legendary 18-time Grammy winner.

Life In 12 Bars premiered at Toronto Film Festival last month, with Variety magazine summarising the contents of the film with their review;

Introduced to American blues music through a U.K. kids’ radio program, he quickly became an obsessive, collecting import records and teaching himself guitar. Though briefly intending to study visual art, he was soon drafted (when still a teenager) into the already successful Yardbirds … a group he quit for going “too pop” with the international hit “For Your Love.”

More to his liking was John Mayall’s band, where his presence helped to mainstream blues rock. Clapton was one of few white players considered a true bluesman, and he championed black American blues greats (notably B.B. King) throughout his career. He became the star attraction in a series of influential but short-lived bands: Blind Faith, the hugely popular Cream, and Derek and the Dominoes, whose signature song “Layla” is given a great deal of attention here. He also played on other people’s projects, including tracks by Aretha Franklin and the Beatles, as well as close friend George Harrison’s entire solo debut “All Things Must Pass.”

We also have here some highlights from the press conference at Toronto Film Festival following the premiere...


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