Flashback to Blur Blasting “Song 2” Live at Glastonbury Festival

Flashback to Blur Blasting “Song 2” Live at Glastonbury Festival

Posted 10 Feb 2021
Blur at Glastonbury, 1998. Photo by Mick Hutson/Redfern/Getty Images. 

On this day in 1997, Blur released their eponymous fifth studio album which, taking somewhat of a departure from their Britpop beginnings, arrived with the blaring anthem, “Song 2” which sent them rocketing up the charts around the world. 

The fuzz-driven single made Blur the band's most successful album in the US where the Britpop scene had been largely unsuccessful to date. Embracing the sound of American indie/alt-rock was spearheaded by guitarist, Graham Coxon who’s love of bands like Pavement can be clearly heard in the album’s hooky guitar licks; and reinforced by Albarn’s more personal and emotional approach to lyric writing. 

It was a gamble that more than paid off! While we all patiently await the return of live music festivals, let’s remember the good old days of Glastonbury festival where this head-tearing rendition of “Song 2” conjures the loudest “Woo-hoo” you’ll likely ever hear. Enjoy below. 

Blur | “Song 2” [Glastonbury]

Despite becoming a runaway success, bassist, Alex James once told NME that they didn’t really put too much thought into the track, saying, "I remember having a really bad sweaty hangover that day…It sums up ‘Song 2’. We didn’t think about it at all." 

Not bad for a hungover day at work!


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