Flashback to Eagles Performing 'One Of These Nights' in 1977

Flashback to Eagles Performing 'One Of These Nights' in 1977

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Don Henley. Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images.

The title track from the Eagles’ 1975 album, One of These Nights was one of three top 10 singles from the breakthrough record, which transformed the band into international superstars. Many of the songs were written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey while the pair were sharing a house in Beverley Hills, including One of These Nights which became the band’s second number-one single – following 1974’s Best of My Love – on the Billboard 100. 

Eagles drummer/singer/songwriter, Don Henley told Rolling Stone in 1975 that it was their attempt to write a disco leaning ballad, that wasn’t actually either. “We like to be a nice little country-rock band from Los Angeles – about half the time,” Henley explained. “We wanted to get away from the ballad syndrome with One of These Nights.” With Don Felder in the band now, we can really rock. He's made us nastier and did a great guitar solo on the single.”

Eagles | 'One of These Nights' [1977]

What heavenly harmonies! Despite making that silky-smooth delivery look easy, Don Henley has admitted that drumming and singing lead vocal on the track is no mean feat. “I get nervous,” Henley admitted in 1975. 

“My voice has to be just right to hit the high notes. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't. It's hard to do what I did in the studio on the high hat, and sing at the same time. I almost get myself in a crack, but I do it.”

If he’s in any sort of a crack, he certainly doesn’t let it show! After the title track from One of These Nights hit the top spot on the charts in August of 1975, it set in motion a string of four number one albums for the Eagles, including Hotel California which has now been certified platinum 26 times over. 


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