Flashback to New Order Performing “Temptation” Live at BBC in 1982

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Flashback to New Order Performing “Temptation” Live at BBC in 1982

Posted 15 Jun 2021
new order
Image via YouTube.

In 1982, New Order appeared live at BBC Riverside to deliver a performance that marks a high point in electronic innovation at the dawn of an era. With their collective talents of incredible songcraft, the band mixed mood and emotion with repetitive synths with a similar flair for melancholy mastered by their previous incantation as Joy Division

In the clip below, the band are a picture of composure; Sumner delivering the vocals with a purposeful restraint, Gillian Gilbert delicate keys float over Stephen Morris’ machine-like drumming, while Hooky’s ever-present bass bounces between. The tension between the playing creates a push and pull that only adds weight to the song title. Enjoy below.

New Order | “Temptation” [Live at BBC, 1982]

In 2015, Bernard Sumner confessed to Mojo that “Temptation” is probably his favourite New Order song, saying: “It’s got a spirituality to it. It’s really uplifting without actually getting a specific message across. It was interesting to see that you could do that while, at the time, being fairly abstract. I struggled with the literalness of my lyrics in the early days. I didn’t want to expose my inner feelings to the general public.”


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