Flashback to Ramones Rooftop Rendition of the ‘Spider-Man’ Theme Song in 1995

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Flashback to Ramones Rooftop Rendition of the ‘Spider-Man’ Theme Song in 1995

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The legendary career of iconic punk rockers', the Ramones came to an end in 1995. After delivering the purest form of punk rock at lightning-fast speed for the better part of two decades, but failing to reach the commercial heights of the genre they played a big part in creating, the band called it quits with their final album, Adios Amigos and supporting tour – having no idea of the pop culture icons they were destined to be. 

Another hero long in the making in 1995, was Spider-Man. These days, New York’s most famous web-slinger is never far from the big screen. However, in 1995, the comic book superstar in the making was stalled at the same cult-indie-crossroads, en-route to becoming one of the biggest box office draws by the dawn of the new millennium.

While the Ramones' final year was as tour heavy as any other, the band took some time out while recording Adios Amigos to contribute a song to the Saturday Morning: Cartoons’ Greatest Hits compilation album, choosing to unleash a high-octane rendition of the cartoon’s catchy original 1967 theme song. 

With both the punk legends’ and the superhero destined to reach greater heights in the decades that followed, the rare video below is an ironic slice of pop culture gold. Enjoy below! 

The Ramones | ‘Spider-Man’


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