Fleetwood Mac Are Back In The Charts, Here's How You Can Keep Them There

Fleetwood Mac Are Back In The Charts, Here's How You Can Keep Them There

fleetwood mac, 1977
Fleetwood Mac circa 1977. Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images. 

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours has returned to the top of the charts this week thanks to a viral TikTok video posted by 420doggface208 – aka Nathan Apodaca – earlier this month. Cruising on his skateboard, sipping on Cranberry juice, Apodaca’s interpretation of the track has become a movement, with users around the world wanting to give the #FleetwoodMacChallenge a go, even the Fleetwood Mac members themselves - including Mick, Stevie and Lindsey! 

Just a few weeks since Apodaca first posted his vibing video, Rumours and single "Dreams" now rank back in the ARIA album and singles charts Top 10, at #9 and #5 respectfully. This is just wonderful! It means people are consuming this iconic music at a rate that out-sells and out-streams artists who have released in 2020.

Here's how you can "show the kids what for" and keep these legendary classic rock releases at the top of the charts (amongst a sea of less interesting and somewhat disappointing range of new pop and hip hop music). The chart works off a mix of digital and physical sales which are weighted heavier than streaming, so for every digital or physical purchase, you're helping keep the album or song in the charts at a much higher rate than streaming it - although we are not discouraging that! 

Can we rally together and get them to #1? That's optimistic, and a huge task, but... you gotta have "Dreams" (see what we did there?). Could we make rock history by giving the band their highest Aussie chart peak, more than 40 years after the initial release date? 

By purchasing the digital download option (single or album) listed below, you will go into a draw to win an amazing prize consisting of a new skate deck + $100 of skate accessories, PLUS a $500 Red Balloon voucher so you can live out an amazing experience! 

BUY THE DREAMS SINGLE HERE (digital download)

BUY THE RUMOURS ALBUM HERE (digital download)

Or, stream it all day every day for free - Spotify and Apple players below for your convenience. 

Fleetwood Mac | “Dreams”

Apodaca’s original TikTok video has now been viewed over 60 million times!

Mick Fleetwood was the first to give it a go, staying true to the original, cruising on a skateboard with all-important Cranberry juice (see here); while Nicks put her own personal spin on the craze, posting a video of herself seated at a piano, lacing up a pair of roller skates while singing along to her own original vocal with the imperative Cranberry juice in view (see here). 

Billboard reports it counted 30.6 million streams in the US from Rumours for the week ending October 15th, returning it to the Top Ten for the first time in 42 years. As for “Dreams,” the single’s popularity has also soared on Spotify, currently sitting at number 20 on their Top Global Songs chart.

So, pour yourself a Cranberry juice and join in the fun! 

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