Get On The Goodfoot (Straight Down To Hoyts)

Get On The Goodfoot (Straight Down To Hoyts)


There was a time (see what we did there) when James “GodFather of Soul” Brown was just about ubiquitous, and I mean EVERYWHERE.

Pretty much every hip hop record had a JB sample on it (or how about this 4 and a half minutes dedicated to the boss by the original sample kings themselves - Double Dee & Steinski), and if not the man himself then one of his many brilliant productions.

And of course Black Caesar was still around and touring.

It was a crazy parody show, but it was still good. And sometimes Maceo even turned up to join Pee Wee Ellis.

And he even had his own hits like Living In America (power ballad funk) and Unity (dope collab with Afrika Bambaataa).

And then it went a bit quiet…

But maybe not for long.

With this is due to open in August -

JB gets the Brother Ray treatment.

He had a good story and it should be fun(k) to watch.

And surely everyone will realise just how great THE FUNK was.

Can We Count It Off?

He’s back – watch yo’ bad self.

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