Glenn Frey's Great Film Songs

Glenn Frey's Great Film Songs

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Glenn Frey, 1979 (Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images)

Glenn Frey, best known for fronting the Eagles, would have celebrated his 70th birthday today.

Of course, we know and love him for being an incredible singer, songwriter, actor and founding member of the Eagles - a role he came to share with fellow member Don Henley, with whom he wrote most of the Eagles' material. Frey played guitar and keyboards as well as singing lead vocals on songs such as "Take It Easy", "Peaceful Easy Feeling", "Tequila Sunrise", "Already Gone", "James Dean", "Lyin' Eyes", "New Kid in Town", and "Heartache Tonight".

After the breakup of the Eagles in 1980, Frey embarked on a successful solo career and had songs featured in a range of fairly iconic films. Let's take a look at a few of those to truly appreciate the breadth of his songwriting ability. 

Part Of Me, Part Of You - Thelma & Louise

Included on both Glenn's solo album Strange Weather in 1992 and earlier as a single from the Thelma & Louise soundtrack in 1991, this song also in included in all of Glenn's 'Greatest Hits' compilations. 

The Heat Is On - Beverly Hills Cop

According to Frey, he was invited to an early screening of the film, and about two months later was sent a demo of a song written by Keith Forsey and Harold Faltermeyer to be used in the film to see if he was interested in singing it. He agreed, and recorded the vocal parts and guitars in two days. Both the film and the song were released in 1984 and were major hits all over the world. 

Take It Easy - Outside Providence

The Eagles first single released in 1972, written by Glenn Frey and Jackson Browne, appeared in the 1999 film Outside Providence. The song is one of his best known and also appeared in an episode of Knight Rider in 1982.

Flip City - Ghostbusters II

At its release, Ghostbusters II was the biggest three-day opening weekend for a film in history, a record that was broken just one week later by Batman. The soundtrack also includes songs by Elton John and Run DMC.

You Belong To The City - Miami Vice

OK, this is a television show, not a movie, but the song was written specifically for Miami Vice in 1985, peaking at #2 in the US Charts. Two versions of the video exist; one with the Miami Vice intercuts and one without.

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