Greatest Club Anthems Of The 90s

Greatest Club Anthems Of The 90s

dance hits of the 90s
Fatboy Slim, 1998 (Photo by Hayley Madden/Redferns/Getty Images)

We were shocked today to find out that one of the greatest club anthems of all time is celebrating its 20th Anniversary.

Yep, "Silence" by Delerium featuring the stunning vocals of Sarah McLauchlan was released this week 20 years ago in 1999. Those of us that got into the rave scene in the 90s are a little shaken by this because there's a part of us that is still 19 years old, wearing cargo pants and trainers, sucking on a Chupa Chup and waving glow sticks in the air. Feels like yesterday! 

To celebrate this milestone for what is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic electronic/dance tracks of all time as well as being a leader in the genre for including top line vocals, a new 20th Anniversary remix has been released by Youngr, listen below...

Causing immediate flashbacks to the version that got the party started, or in most cases was the last track of the rave sending everyone into complete euphoria, the Fade's Sanctuary mix from 1999... Turn it up and lose yourself in nostalgic bliss. 

Those were the days! When the Sydney club scene was one of the best in the world and it was possible to party from Thursday to Monday non-stop. When you'd start your night at Palladium, or Sublime (Pitt Street - before it went to Home and got shit), maybe calling into Icebox, eventually ending up at Moreton's and then the Greenwood for a Sunday sesh. DJ's like Nick Fish, Jumpin' Jack, Nervous, Bexta, Pee Wee and Mark Dynamix were Gods of the dancefloor. 

In no particular order, here are some of the greatest club tracks of the 90s.

Meet Her At The Love Parade - Da Hool

It was every Aussie raver's dream to make it to the Love Parade in Berlin in its heyday. So it was no surprise that the title of this track alone was enticing. Total banger, and when the DJ's dropped this it resulted in pure chaos on the dancefloor. Despite the hard house and dance scenes being fairly underground, this track managed to reach #21 in the ARIA chart on its release in 1997. 

Professional Widow (Armand Van Helden Remix) - Tori Amos

When the bass line drops on this one it's impossible to sit down. I don't think anyone really knew the words, some kinda mumble between "It's gotta be big" and "Saturday gig" - no one cared, cos this tune is all killer. The combo of Tori Amos' cool indie vocal and Armand's big trance beats made for a mid-90s clubbers anthem. 

Born Slippy - Underworld

Maybe one of the most remixed dance tracks of all time, but it's the 1996 original that got us hooked on Underworld, only to be reignited by it being a prominent track in the Trainspotting film. The live version above is the encore from Underworld's 2016 tour and it if doesn't make your hairs stand on end, nothing will. 

Bellissima - DJ Quicksilver

Straight out of the European underground rave scene, this banger from 1997 was one of many on the Positiva Records label that is responsible for the loss of many brain cells.

Voodoo People - The Prodigy

Off the now iconic Music For The Jilted Generation album of 1994, The Prodigy brought rave culture to the mainstream with this huge single. It even went to #1 in countries like Finland who embraced the dance music industry early. 

Ebeneezer Goode - The Shamen

A tongue-in-cheek anthem for the geezers that took British underground electronic to the mainstream with a top chart position in the UK, and Top 20 in Australia thanks to The Beatmasters remix of 1992.  

Higher State Of Consciousness - Josh Wink

This is an all-out hands in the air anthem by American DJ Josh Wink, released in 1995. Massive chills down the spine. 

I'm Alive - Stretch & Vern

So that's the full original 12" mix, but it was the Eat Me Edit of 1996 that the clubs played to death as an early warm-up tune to get everyone on their feet - and it was also on the tracklist of Wild Fm Volume 1, which was the staple car CD for drives out to raves in the bush. 

Injected With A Poison - Praga Khan

Belgian techno at it's finest. Original mix released in 1992, followed by at least 20 really strong remixes that continued to be played at raves until the following decade. 

Rockafella Skank - Fatboy Slim

It would not be right to make this list without including something by Fatboy Slim. He too commercialised dance culture into the mainstream, especially with 1998's You've Come A Long Way, Baby

Block Rockin' Beats - Chemical Brothers 

Anyone who ever witnessed The Chem's in the Boileroom at Big Day Out knows this song goes off. With sweat dripping from the walls, this crowd-pleaser made people lose their minds. It never feels old, let alone from 1997. 

Last but not least, this absolute banger, from the Queen of Aussie trance...

Make It Phunkee - Bexta (OK, it was released in 2000 but that's close enough to being 90s)

Here's a playlist with many more to keep you dancing until the sun rises...

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