Happy 75th Birthday Brian Wilson

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Happy 75th Birthday Brian Wilson


It was just days ago we celebrated Paul McCartney’s 75th Birthday, and now we can also celebrate the 75th Birthday of one of Paul’s great musical rivals in the ‘60s, the wonderful Brian Wilson.

To pay special tribute to Brian on this special day, let’s listen to one of his key songs from his post Beach Boys solo period. "Love & Mercy", which was later used as the title of the acclaimed Brian biopic some years back, was the key track on Brian’s much-acclaimed self-titled ‘comeback’ album on Sire in 1988. The song resonated strongly given the very public life struggles that Brian was going through at the time; today it feels like the song has even great resonance, given all that’s going on in the world. Take 5 minutes out of your day to listen to this beautiful song, here recorded live in 2001.

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