Happy Birthday Billie Joe

Happy Birthday Billie Joe



From the first time I heard "Longview", I was a Green Day fan.

Like so many others, it was my introduction to the band, and naturally, I then bought and followed everything they did.

What made them a great band, for me, was not only the catchiness of the tunes, but the lyrics. I think that’s always drawn me to punk bands. Dead Kennedys, Frenzal Rhomb, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Blink 182, Rancid, Descendants - they all had great lyrics in common. Sometimes just flat out funny and odd.

With that in mind, as we celebrate Billie Joe Armstrong’s 46th birthday today, I wanted to jot down a few of my favourite funny/brilliant lyrics from the man himself to show that age is just a number when you’re a big kid inside.

King For A Day

Really you can quote the whole song. A staple at their live gigs, a fan favourite because they go wild on stage with props and have a ball of a time. But the opening paragraph sets the tone perfectly.

Started at the age of four
My mother went to the grocery store
Went sneaking through her bedroom door
To find something in a size four



An autobiographical song about couch surfing, real life not making sense to him and being in a creative rut, Billie Joe managed to write one of Green Day’s biggest all-time hits, proving that no matter where you are, if you’re creative you can find the light.

My mother says to get a job
but she don’t like the one she’s got
when masturbations lot’s it’s fun
you’re fuckin lonely.

Hitchin’ A Ride

Finding balance between being responsible and being a lunatic, "Hitchin’ A Ride" was an instant classic.  I wish I knew how long it took him to write these lyrics because not only are they weird and funny, but poignant.

Cold turkey's getting stale
Tonight I'm eating crow
Fermented salmonella poison oak no

The Grouch

The pop sensibilities in this song go right back to the Beatles. It’s brilliantly written with its traditional chord progression, and juxtaposed with the lyrics. I've decomposed, yet my gut's getting fat!

Oh my god I'm turning out like my dad
I'm always rude
I've got a bad attitude
The world owes me, so fuck you

Platypus (I Hate You)

This is just straight up a song about hating someone so much you’ll be happy when they die. That’s why I like it, we’ve all felt like this about someone, and Billie Joe just put his slant on saying it. You can’t tell me you’ve never sung these lyrics loudly in the car.

Dickhead, fuck face, cock smoking,
Mother fucking, asshole, dirty twat
Waste of semen, I hope you die hey

Walking Contradiction

What a  fantastic song, simple 3 chord progression (as a lot of Green Day’s songs were early on) and brilliant lyrics.

Talk is cheap and lies are expensive
My wallet’s fat and so is my head
Hit and run and then I’ll hit you again
A smart ass but I’m playing dumb

There’s just a few of my favourite funny/brilliant lyrics from Billy Joe Armstrong on his 46th birthday. I’m sure you have yours, so let us know in the comments!

Oh, before I go, I have to remind people that when Tre Cool from Green Day writes songs, they’re always funny, weird, and bloody awesome. Check out "Dominated Love Slave"...

I want to be your dominated
Love slave
I want to be the one that
Takes the pain
You can spank me when I do
Not behave
Mack me in the forehead
With a chain


- Higgo 

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