Green Day Share Unearthed ‘Nimrod’ Demo from Upcoming 25th Anniversary Reissue

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Green Day Share Unearthed ‘Nimrod’ Demo from Upcoming 25th Anniversary Reissue

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Green Day. Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images. 

Punk rock luminaries, Green Day are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their lauded fifth album, Nimrod with an expansive box set, dubbed Nimrod XXV. The deluxe edition is set to arrive on January 27, 2023. Pre-order, here. 

The band have previewed the upcoming collection with an unreleased demo from the classic 1997 album’s recording sessions. You Irritate me has never before been shared with the public – listen below!

Green Day | ‘You Irritate Me’ [DEMO] (Official Audio)

Nimrod, Green Day’s fifth studio album, was originally released on October 14, 1997. The Billboard Top 10 LP was driven by the hit singles Hitchin’ A Ride, Redundant, Nice Guys Finish Last and Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) the latter of which has sold 5 million copies in the US alone. The song was written as a spiteful ballad and has evolved into the soundtrack of everyone’s seminal life moments; even being featured in the Seinfeld series finale. 

The Nimrod XXV 25th Anniversary Edition includes the original album, one disc of previously unreleased Nimrod demos, and a live set from Philadelphia recorded one month after Nimrod was released. The 14-track demos disc includes two unreleased Green Day tracks (You Irritate Me and Tre Polka), plus a cover of the classic Elvis Costello song Allison (previously unreleased). The live album was recorded at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia on November 14, 1997. The 20-song set includes several songs from Nimrod, plus fan favourites from their previous albums and singles. Check out the exclusive, limited-edition silver vinyl box set below! Pre-order here.


nimrod deluxe
'Nimrod XXV' Limited Silver Vinyl 5LP


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