Iggy Pop is Narrating a Documentary on Egyptian King Tutankhamun

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Iggy Pop is Narrating a Documentary on Egyptian King Tutankhamun

iggy pop
Iggy Pop. Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for FYF.

Punk rock legend, Iggy Pop is lending his signature snarling voice to narrating duties to a brand new documentary on Ancient Egypt’s King Tutankhamun. 

As Variety reports, the documentary is titled Tutankhamun: The Last Exhibition, and documents from the discovery of the child king’s tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter and the 5th Earl of Carnarvon (whose ancestral home is actually Highclere Castle from Downton Abbey) in 1922, to the record-breaking touring exhibition, King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh that kicked-off in Los Angeles in 2019.

Italian antiquities photographer Sandro Vannini’s Laboratoriorosso produced the film that was originally narrated by an Italian musician, Manuel Agnelli. Following the trend, producers sought out a musician to narrate the international version too. 

“We were looking for somebody that could give a different appeal to the narration of the movie,” said producer Rosella Gioffré. “And we thought of [Pop] and he accepted.”

Vannini added, “When we heard his voice for the first time we said this is the voice. This is what we need for this film. The voice of Iggy Pop is simply incredible.”

“When he read the story what he was going to narrate he was immediately keen to work with us.”

The King Tut tour was the largest ever exhibited outside Egypt, featuring over 150 artefacts discovered in the child king’s tomb. It was due to tour until 2023, However, since being cut short by the coronavirus pandemic, the Egyptian government has banned Tut and his treasure from ever leaving the country again. Making this a unique opportunity to see these items up close! 

The film's release has also been delayed by the pandemic but Gioffré said, “We’re more than happy because we’re going to hit the centenary of the discovery.” 

Iggy Pop’s film resume rather varied. From voicing a singing baby in The Rugrats Movie (along with Gordan Gano, Phife Dawg, and Patti Smith) to portraying an alien on Deep Space Nine and recently, a zombie in The Dead Don’t Die. 

A release date for Tutankhamun: The Last Exhibition, is yet to be announced. 


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