Interview With Phil Collins - Series 1

Interview With Phil Collins - Series 1

phil collins interview

Lucky enough to chat to Phil Collins ahead of his Not Dead Yet Australian tour, we've broken this interview up into bite-size pieces on YouTube.

Listen to the first few parts below (1-4), and keep an eye out for the rest over the coming week. Or, if you have the time to digest it all in one go, we've created a playlist on YouTube with all the clips, here. 

In Part 1 of this first series, Phil talks about the influence he has had on newer artists and songwriters such as Adele and Beyonce. 

Part 2 tackles the topic of family - his father's expectations of him and ultimately his passing at a time before Phil's biggest success arrived. 

In Part 3 his undeniable work ethic is discussed, including his gruelling tour schedule amongst making films and everything he accomplished through the 80s. It seems retirement is simply just not an option for Phil!

He further discusses his family and their dynamic in Part 4, mainly his children and the fantastic relationship he shares with them.

If you're lucky enough to be seeing Phil Collins live this week, please let us know if you enjoyed the show, over on our Facebook page - we'd love to hear from you about your experience. 

Pick up copies of Phil's catalogue here, including the pre-order for the two new live releases, Serious Hits...Live! and A Hot Night In Paris, as well as the studio hits collection, The Singles. Or, jump into this I Like: Phil Collins playlist...

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