Jim Morrison: Remembering an Icon

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Jim Morrison: Remembering an Icon

jim morrison
The Doors. Photo by Mark and Colleen Hayward/Getty Images.

We’re remembering the Door’s legendary frontman Jim Morrison who passed away 50 years ago this week, on July 3rd 1971. At just 27, Morrison’s time on Earth was brief but he left an enduring and untouchable legacy. He was a poet, lyricist, singer and icon with a spirit that embodied rock and roll. 

Despite their spending only a few short years together, the Doors burned brightly with a run of classic albums, The Doors and Strange Days in 1967, The Soft Parade in 1968 and Morrison Hotel in 1970. Morrison's stage presence was alluring and dangerous, a dynamic like nothing the proceeded it, was on full display during the band’s appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show and their Hollywood Bowl show in 1968.

Marking the 50th anniversary of Morrison’s passing, we’re going back to that legendary performance on July 5th, 1968. The hometown show found the Doors at their pinnacle, taking to the stage on the back of their 3rd album, Waiting For The Sun and its massive lead single “Hello, I Love You”, Morrison was at his enigmatic best. 

The Doors | “Hello, I Love You” [Live At The Bowl '68]

Just under a month later, the Doors would hit No. 1 on the US singles chart  “Hello, I Love You” hit the No. 1 spot on the US singles charts and stayed there for a number of weeks. At the same time, a version of “Light My Fire” by Jose Feliciano's was also in the top 5, giving the Doors’ two songs at the top of the charts simultaneously. Watch them deliver an outstanding rendition of the track below. 

The Doors | “Light My Fire”

Jim Morrison was famous for his boundary-pushing, mind-altering antics, and while this one – of only two professionally recorded live performances of the band in colour – is polished and controlled, his energy seems readied to explode at any moment; even more captivating for that fact it doesn’t. 

The Doors | “Moonlight Drive” [Live At The Bowl '68]

RIP to the rock, poet, icon Jim Morrison. 


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