John Lennon's Happy Days

John Lennon's Happy Days


How’s this for a great photo? Taken in January ’74, it shows the former Liverpool greaser and his young son Julian visiting the set of what was John’s favourite new TV show.

Lennon at the time was in the midst of recording his Rock’n’Roll album, which he began the previous October with Phil Spector producing, and which he finished – without Spector - the following October. Rock’n’Roll, of course, featured John’s covers of old favourites from Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly etc; Happy Days, which followed the similarly-inclined film American Graffiti out of the blocks by less than a year  - was obviously a fit with where his head was at.

Potsie (Aaron Williams, but he will always be Potsie to us) talks about that day in this brief interview from a few years back.

Thanks to ILYOS’s pal Steve Teece for making us aware of all this.

And if you dig John’s Rock’n’Roll album and you loved Happy Days, you definitely need to check out our Lets’ Do The Time Warp! The ‘50s (and Early ‘60s) Revival in the ‘70s! playlist on Spotify



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