Join The "David Bowie Is Watch Party": Celebrities discuss the pop culture phenomenon that was, David Bowie

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Join The "David Bowie Is Watch Party": Celebrities discuss the pop culture phenomenon that was, David Bowie

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L: Elvis Costello (Photo by Estate Of Keith Morris/Redferns/Getty Images). R: David Bowie . (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images).

Late rock-pop-glam icon, David Bowie would've turned 75 earlier this year (January 8th), prompting a year-long celebration of all things Bowie. Last week, a brand new video series featuring well-known celebrities discussing the immense influence of David Bowie debuted on the icon’s official YouTube Channel

Titled David Bowie Is, the YouTube "Watch Party" is arriving in weekly instalments, with each episode will featuring a different celebrity reflecting on Bowie’s unique star power and how it shaped their own creative path. The series was teased with a trailer featuring rock legend Dave Grohl and British comedian Ricky Gervais, among others. Watch below.

The "David Bowie Is" Watch Party | Trailer

Rock legend Dave Grohl kicked off the first "watch party", with the video caption describing how Grohl thought "the Beatles seemed like four human beings to me, David Bowie did not. David Bowie seemed like an alien and I enjoyed that." Watch below. 

‘David Bowie Is’ | Dave Grohl

Next up was new wave-rock magnate Elvis Costello, who discusses the "Bowie albums which influenced him and The Attractions the most." Watch below. 

‘David Bowie Is’ | Elvis Costello

And this week's latest addition, reflections from former Oasis provocatuer Noel Gallagher, revealing "what words were exchanged via Bowie and Noel's email communications plus what Noel's favourite Bowie album is and why." Watch below. 

‘David Bowie Is’ | Noel Gallagher

New episodes are airing weekly on David Bowie’s YouTube Channel. We will keep you posted with the enviable list of guests as they are revealed! Make sure you don’t miss an episode of the "David Bowie Is" YouTube Watch Party – set yourself a reminder here.


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