Look who's back - it's Dexys

Look who's back - it's Dexys

Posted 17 May 2016

Look who's back! No it's not Dexys Midnight Runners, it's Dexys.

They changed their name in 2012 to say “we’re the same people, but we’re different now!”, and they've taken on Irish and Country Soul. No one is joking around here, the now eight person ensemble - with a nucleus consisting of Kevin Rowland, Lucy Morgan & Sean Read - have recorded an album of interpretations of well-known songs from these unexpected genres and they're very serious about it.

“We’re not trying to be Irish. It’s OUR sound... We’re bringing our style to these songs… these are interpretations, not covers". says Rowland

Take a listen to Dexys' take on the Joni Mitchell classic, "Both Sides Now":


The brand new studio album, Let The Record Show Dexys Do Irish & Country Soul, is set for release on June 3 and available to pre-order now.


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