Muse: Origin of Symmetry Turns 20

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Muse: Origin of Symmetry Turns 20

Muse, 2001. Photo by Mick Hutson/Redferns/Getty Images. 

Origin of Symmetry is the album that changed everything for Muse. More spontaneous and experimental than their 1999 debut record Showbiz, its ambition, influences and grandiosity were a world apart from the garage-rock revivalists that ruled the charts at the time. Powered by the band’s first two mainstream hits, “Plug In Baby” and “New Born”, the album gave Muse their first Top 10 UK hit when it debuted at #3. 

But Muse’s mastery of production extends well beyond their chart-topping music. From the extravagant and bizarre to the downright cool, their epic music videos have earned a legendary status of their very own over the years. Celebrate 20 years of Origin of Symmetry with the album’s four massive singles below.

Muse | “Plug In Baby”

The first single released from the album, "Plug In Baby" arrived with this mind-melting music video that peaks in weirdness as Matt Bellamy's equally mind-melting falsetto wail soars through the ending. 

Muse | “New Born”

Second single, "New Born" is a cinematic triumph, cut together like an explosive but mysterious French horror film.

Muse | “Bliss”

"Bliss" sees Bellamy take flight, launching himself on a sci-fi epic through space and beyond...

Muse | “Hyper Music”

Camera shakes and lens flares make the "Hyper Music" video an art-punk whirlpool of emotion that leaves you feeling like you just survived an earthquake. 


origin of symmetry

Marking the album's 20th anniversary, Muse has shared a brand new reissue of Origin of Symmetry, available on vinyl and digital (stream below). The new edition features remixed and remastered audio plus re-imagined artwork  Check out the Origin of Symmetry XX Anniversary RemiXX LP and merch via the link below. 


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