He’s The Greatest Producer! Nile Rodgers Q&A

He’s The Greatest Producer! Nile Rodgers Q&A

nile rodgers live session
(Photo by Dimitri Hakke/Getty Images)

Earlier this year, while he was in Australia playing shows with disco legends Chic, we were lucky enough to be invited along to a private Q&A session with iconic producer, songwriter, guitarist and music magician, Nile Rodgers.

During the live interview he talked about his close relationship with David Bowie, including the story of the first time he heard a Bowie record - and then went on to collaborate with him and produce his records. He touched on his admiration for Madonna and her uncompromising work ethic, as well as his experiences with Chic, Grace Jones and Daft Punk.

Lucky for you, the session was filmed and we've uploaded this to our YouTube channel in four parts, exclusively for ILYOS readers.

Check it out and soak up some knowledge from the man himself.


For more of Nile's time in Oz, watch this FANTASTIC clip of him at Sydney's iconic Red Eye Records talking through his works and the music that inspired him...

And, now that you're completely inspired, get stuck into this Spotify playlist covering his vast repertoire...


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