Remembering Models’ Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight at 35

Remembering Models’ Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight at 35

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Models emerged from Melbourne’s late 70’s post-punk underground, with their own distinctive New Wave–glam rock styling that blended innovative synths with psychedelic guitars. Over the course of the decade, a few lineup changes and a few albums later, they had developed a shiny pop veneer under the influence of bassist James Freud, which culminated with their hit machine fourth album, Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight and its lead single of the same name which hit number one on the Australian singles chart.

“Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight”

Along with “Out of Mind, Out Of Sight,” the album delivered three charting singles that made it a commercial breakthrough. Celebrating 35 years since this New Wave masterpiece was first unleashed, let’s revisit those danceable, big band, pop-rock hits below.

“Big On Love”

This sparse, post-punk tune was the first single released from the album in November of 1984. With minimalist verses that breakout into a catchy melodic chorus, it’s a shining example of their distinctive hybrid alternative/commercial sound.


Barbados arrived next, in March of 1985 with one of the greatest sax solos the 80s had on offer!

“Cold Fever”

Following the breakout success of the album’s third single, “Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight” that hit number one in July 1985, came the stomping, “Cold Fever” steeped in rock swagger.

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