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RIP Firestarter

keith flint the prodigy
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If we'd known that when we saw The Prodigy a couple of weeks ago that it would be the last time we'd ever see Keith Flint running around the stage like a maniac, we might have tried to lose ourselves in the moment a little deeper.

This morning's tragic news that Keith took his own life over the weekend, aged just 49, has left us feeling deeply saddened and in a state of shock.

We're sending our love out to all fans of the band, his family and especially his bandmates of 30 years.

Liam Howlett left this devastating message on Instagram late last night. 


We'll never forget those 90s Boileroom sets at Big Day Out, the sweaty dancefloors, the 24hr party people best friends we made in the pit, and of course - the tunes.

RIP Firestarter, your flame will always burn bright. 

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