Robert Plant Jokes With Brian Johnson About Joining Led Zeppelin

Robert Plant Jokes With Brian Johnson About Joining Led Zeppelin

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Brian Johnson and Robert Plant (Photo: YouTube)

Two of the most distinct and recognisable voices in rock music history met in Wales to chat and reminisce about the early touring days of Led Zeppelin.

Robert Plant joined AC/DC's Brian Johnson as part of a TV series (yet to be announced for Australian viewing but now available in part online thanks to US network ASX picking it up) called Life On The Road, shot in 2017. It features Johnson with some of the biggest legends in rock music, chatting about performing and life on tour.

The pair chat as though they are long-time friends, it's candid and relaxed and gives wonderful insight into the formation of Led Zeppelin and their quest just to "get a square meal" in the early days. 

Johnson remarks that that Led Zeppelin has been so well documented over the years that he feels strange bringing up topics already covered, but Plant jokes and encourages him by saying “I can’t hardly remember any of it at all!”

Recalling the “call to arms” cry in Zeppelin classic “Immigrant Song,” Plant jokes with Johnson about him joining Led Zeppelin with; “If you want a job now I can put a good word in for ya!” as they both laugh at the prospect. 

The series includes chats with stars including The Who’s Roger Daltrey, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott, as well as Robert Plant and Sting.

Here's more from the Robert Plant episode:

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