See David Bowie’s Tin Machine Cover The Pixies’ "Debaser" In 1991

See David Bowie’s Tin Machine Cover The Pixies’ "Debaser" In 1991

david bowie
David Bowie. Photo by Rob Verhorst/Redferns.

With a well-earned reputation as pop’s greatest innovator, David Bowie was arguably at his most daring with his early nineties with the dark-edged, noise-rock band, Tin Machine. Teaming up with guitarist, Reeves Gabrels, bassist, Tony Sales and drummer, Hunt Sales, Bowie first hit the road with noise-rockers in 1989 to promote their self-titled debut record.


But it was Bowie’s own majesty that was perhaps the band’s greatest hurdle. Fans eager to see the Thin White Duke in the flesh were understandably just as eager to hear his biggest hits. However, with the power of retrospect, it’s now easy to see that Bowie was never going to mature to be a ‘greatest hits’ artist, he was fuelled by change and inspired by the evolution of pop culture, across decades, era’s and genres. This cover of the Pixies’ grunge instigating anthem, “Debaser” stands as testimony to the true diversity of his artistry.

The singer was a big fan of the Pixies, “I found [the Pixies] just about the most-compelling music outside of Sonic Youth in the entire 1980s,” he said. “I always thought there was a psychotic Beatles in them.”

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