Song to the Siren

Song to the Siren


Written by Tim Buckley and his writing partner Larry Beckett, “Song To The Siren” was first released on Buckley's 1970 album Starsailor, however, Pat Boone was the first to release a version of the song when it was featured on his 1969 album Departure, predating Buckley's Starsailor release.

The song has become perhaps Buckley's most famous due to a number of artists covering the song after his death in 1975, notably This Mortal Coil who’s version spent 3 weeks in the UK charts in 1983.

Let’s take a look at the original and then various versions of this incredible, stirring, stark song.

Tim Buckley

This Mortal Coil


Bryan Ferry

Sinead O’Connor

George Michael

Robert Plant

Song To The Siren” can be found in Tim Buckley’s Complete Album Boxset which includes seven albums and one compilation album, out on October 13 and available to pre-order here.



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