Spotlight On The 90s - Deborah Conway

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Spotlight On The 90s - Deborah Conway


Double J’s Best 50 Australian Songs of the 90s certainly seems to have attracted a fair bit of interest. We’ve already covered off on a bunch of favourites here; over the rest of the month we’ll look individually at a few more.

Coming in at #31 on Double J’s selection, this one was a bit of a surprise; not because it isn’t worthy, but because it’s such a feisty song, and also such an adult song; so adult that it’s hard to imagine it got Triple J play back in the day. They were different times I guess. Anyway, the track was a highlight of Deb’s Bitch Epic album – her second solo album, which followed the String of Pearls, which followed the demise of her band Do-Re-Mi. Do-Re-Mi were best known for the powerful "Man Overboard" (with its controversial line “Your pubic hairs are on my pillow”), so Deb knew all about adult.

You can check out ‘Alive & Brilliant’ here or on out new ‘90s Oz’ playlist on Spotify.

And because it’s also alive & brilliant, here’s Deborah’s fabulous "It’s Only The Beginning" too


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