Spotlight On The 90s - The Superjesus, Regurgitator & Gerling

Spotlight On The 90s - The Superjesus, Regurgitator & Gerling


Double J’s Best 50 Australian Songs of the 90s certainly seems to have attracted a fair bit of interest. We’ve already covered off on a bunch of favourites; over the rest of the month we’ll look individually at a few more.


Filling the gap maybe between Baby Animals’ Suze DeMarchi and Magic Dirt’s Adalita, Sarah McLeod led the The Superjesus through three albums in the late 90s and early 00s, including their Platinum debut Sumo, from which this stormy rocker was taken. It’s not as catchy as "Gravity" which we’ll also show you, but it does remind us of those late-grunge days, when riffs churned and hard rock was back on the radio. At the ARIA Music Awards of 1997 they won Best New Talent for Eight Step Rail (their debut extended play, May 1996) and Breakthrough Artist – Single for "Shut My Eyes".

The Superjesus – "Down Again" live on Recovery in 1997

If you dig The Superjesus and Sarah McLeod in particular there’s good news coming up regarding a new album, and even a guest contribution in the hallowed confines of ILYOS. Stay tuned!

As a band they have been active again since 2014, touring extensivly and now joined by Andy Strachan from The Living End on drum duty. 

Check out The Superjesus on Spotify 

Their smash hit "Gravity" which is a still a rock radio staple 


It’s been remiss of us, over the entire history of ILYOS, to never ever cover Regurgitator. Especially given the name of one of their most famous songs, which we’ll get to later. But #2 on the Double J list is another great song of theirs; one that owes a little bit, in both title and style, to Prince. This one must’ve sounded killer in the clubs but, typical of the band’s contrary nature, the song was all about staying away from the crowd and doing your own thing.

Which brings us to the other song of theirs that we were going to mention. Title look familiar? As far as we’re concerned, this is not just a great song, but a way of life!  

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These Sydney slackers were way ahead do their time, and one of the first bands anywhere the world to dig back into the electronic pop of the ‘80s (and ‘70s) and approach it with both irony and genuine affection. They started out with guitars and ended up with cheap synths and samplers, and had a crate digger/mash-up approach to things that anticipated that that of their internationally acclaimed pals the Avalanches.  In 1999 Gerling were nominated at the ARIA’s in three categories: Breakthrough Artist – Album and Best Alternative Release for Children of Telepathic Experiences, and Breakthrough Artist – Single for "Enter Space Capsule". The following year they  released "G-House Project", with lead vocals provided by Kylie Minogue. By 2002 they were so involved in EDM that they were nominated for Best Dance Release at the ARIA’s.

Check out Gerling on Spotify

And for all of these artists and more, get stuck into our new 90s Oz playlist 


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