30th Anniversary Of The Cure's Disintegration Album

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30th Anniversary Of The Cure's Disintegration Album

the cure

Lol Tolhurst and Robert Smith of The Cure, 1983. Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns

In just a couple of months, seminal goth-rockers, The Cure, will be here in Oz to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of their revered 1989 album, Disintegration. Their only Australian shows on the tour will be a four-night run at the Sydney Opera House as a part of the annual Vivid Festival this May before they take off to Europe to continue an exhaustive list of dates

Tickets to this highly sought-after event sold out almost immediately. So, for those of you lucky enough to snag some here’s a quick refresher of what’s in store. For the rest of us, there’s no need to miss out in ALL the fun! Here are some highlights from the darkly seductive and mesmerising, Disintegration.

“Pictures Of You”

I imagine if The Cure were to ever embark on a tropical holiday, it would go down something like this. Snow-capped palm trees create the perfect backdrop for Robert Smith’s pensive pacing in what appears to be a genuine blizzard – judging by the legit snow gear they’re wearing. 


The clip takes us on a journey below the surface as we descend into some sort of chrysalis cave inhabited by a shy and insecure Robert Smith. He couldn’t look more at home in his creepy surroundings, or more forlorn about the prospect of eternal love, but somehow, it’s pure romance. 

“Fascination Street”

This might be the closest to a tough guy persona Robert Smith gets. The darkly lit back ally setting, driving distorted bass, reverb-heavy drums and sparse psychedelic guitar motifs, this track is eerily haunting and adorable all at once: just like The Cure. 

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