The Modfather by The Modcasters

The Modfather by The Modcasters


The globally esteemed MODCAST is hosted by two huge Paul Weller fans Eddie Piller and Dean Rudland, and is the ultimate podcast about all things mod. Over the years it has featured guests including actor Martin Freeman, cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins and a whole host of stars from the worlds of music and fashion.

Eddie is the founder and owner of Acid Jazz records. Dean is the world renowned compiler of countless brilliant albums ranging from Blue Break Beats to our own Cosmic Country & Heavy Soul.

Both are still tragic enough to ask immediately for the deluxe editions of Weller’s newie Saturns Pattern to be delivered to their homes and there’s no duo more qualified to give us a best of Paul Weller playlist to celebrate the release of the aforementioned album.

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THE MODFATHER PLAYLIST as selected by the Modcasters

1. I Got By In Time - The Jam
Fusing the Miracles with punk’s exuberant energy for one of the highspots of The Jam’s astonishing 1977 debut album.

2. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight - The Jam
It seems impossible that PW was only 21 when he wrote this vivid description of London at night. Still brings a chill down the spine for anyone who remembers what a harsh city it could be back then.

3. Saturdays Kids - The Jam
Social realism continues with this hymn to suburban reality. A highlight of ‘Setting Suns’, with its references to Selsey Bill and Capston non-filters it captures a lost England better than any novelist of the time.

4. But I’m Different Now - The Jam
Often dismissed as retro, PW was always looking for something new to go with his mod heroes. Here this Revolver influenced track is given edge through his love of the Gang Of Four.

5. Ghosts - The Jam
If ‘The Gift’ wasn’t quite the prefect album that Paul desired, at its best it was inspired. Despite expanding the number of musicians on the track, ‘Ghosts’ feels chilling and sparse, a truly wonderful piece of music.

6. Beat Surrender - The Jam
How do you end the biggest band in the country? With a joyous three minutes that asks you to forget your troubles and be filled with music (I think)!

7. Speak Like A Child - The Style Council
I loved the Style Council, everything about them made me want to be not just a mod, but the sort of mod who wore Ioafers, drank cappuccino and listened to obscure soul and cool, cool jazz. This was the opening blast. Weller’s best song ? Probably not, but what a single!

8. Headstart For Happiness (early version) - The Style Council
The acoustic version on the flip of their second single is just effortless. Guitar,organ, finger-pops and beautiful, beautiful vocals.

9. Shout To The Top - The Style Council
Simply an amazing soul record. And great strings.

10. Changing Of The Guard - The Style Council
At the point where the Style Council and Paul Weller were being dismissed as yesterday’s news they made their most ambitious and unusual album ‘Confessions Of A Pop Group’. Its highlight was this duet between Paul and Dee C Lee, a desperate plea for a love that was slipping away.

11. Into Tomorrow – Paul Weller
When you saw Weller live in the early days of his solo career there was a sense of searching that coalesces in songs like this and ‘Kosmos’. The result: a cosmic R&B that was uniquely his and sounded amazing on stage and on record.

12. Bull-Rush - Paul Weller
Ed & I could have chosen almost any track from Paul’s solo debut. It’s mixture of psych and soul was to our ears pretty much perfect, but ‘Bull-Rush’ it is because of a personal resonance. On the week of Ed’s wedding we were having a drink at the Acid Jazz office when Paul popped in fresh from mixing a new track. ‘Did we want to hear it?’, you bet. It was this and as such it remains special to us.

13. Wildwood - Paul Weller
Pastoral and folky, this is the record that proved that Weller could create a grown up sound and connect with the masses.

14. Peacock Suit - Paul Weller
Always an expert at the three minute single this was his first release after the mega success of ‘Stanley Road’. A powerful trio record with Brendan Lynch special effects.

15. It’s Written In The Stars – Paul Weller
Another departure as beats and horns combine for an fresh sounding top ten hit. The man behind the desk – Simon Dine – had a much bigger part to play in Paul’s story later in the decade.

16. From The Floorboards Up - Paul Weller
I’m not sure anyone expected this. A taut punky masterpiece influenced by a new generation of young bands that were filling the charts, it catapulted him once more into the top ten.

17. Are You Trying To Be Lonely - Paul Weller/ Andy Lewis
The late 2000s saw Paul working with new musicians and a new band. One of the first fruits of this was the 2007 single with bassist Andy Lewis. A snarling Stax influenced groove that heralded the new Paul.

18. 22 Dreams - Paul Weller
His next album was the sprawling ’22 Dreams’ that took in influences as diverse as modal jazz, 2-step soul and the pounding horn led rock of the title track. Another masterpiece.

19. Twilight (Drop Out Orchestra remix)* - Paul Weller
Paul’s latter recordings have taken pleasure in drawing in influences from wherever he finds them. The wonderful ‘Twilight’ finds Ibiza, Caribou and his own past making house records intertwined for perhaps his most unexpected track of all. *unfortunately not on Spotify.

20. White Sky - Paul Weller
The lead track from his latest album. All Led Zep drums and psychedelic R&B. What’s not to like?

Paul’s latest album Saturns Pattern is available now where all great music is sold | streamed.

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