Throwback 90's

Throwback 90's


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The 90’s were great. It’s was a big transitional period as far as technology goes, plasma tvs were starting to come in, mobile phones went from bricks to something you could lose down the back of your couch, computers got cheaper and faster, internet still sucked, hypercolour t shirts were rad, it was an amazing time.

Musically, the 90’s produced some 24 karat rolled gold. We got the brunt of the grunge phase which saw record companies falling over themselves to sign the next big thing, electronic dance and R&B was really starting to move, boy groups and girls groups flashed across our TV’s and the front pages of tabloids, it was a heady decade.

So, before you throw on series one of Friends in the ol’ JVC VCR, let’s take a look at some of the good stuff included in Throwback 90’s, a 4 disc trip back to when you thought you were cool in your parachute pants.

Everlast – What It’s Like

Erik Schrody, aka Everlast, left hip hop group House Of Pain around ’96 and released his solo album Whitey Ford Sings The BluesWhat it’s Like went to number 1 and to this day is still played on rock stations, pop stations, and R&B stations, such is its broad reach and overlapping genres. Quite a simple song as far as structure goes, Everlast tells the story of 3 characters who have hit hard times, and empathises with the same line at the end of each verse, God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in his/her shoes. Simple, but powerful and clearly connected with a lot of people the world over. Cool song. Still dig it.


Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing

What a tune! There’s not many people I know who grew up through this period and didn’t dig this masterpiece from Jane’s Addiction. A cracking film clip, super catchy jangling guitar vibes and solid basslines, this funky number had it all. A fantastic anti-establishment feel good tune about stealing “When I want something and I don’t wanna pay for it”. An instant sing-a-long thanks to Perry Farrell’s ‘lah da da da dah’ parts, and consumed in culture via TV shows, movies, and video games. Massive.


Nada Surf – Popular

Recently twitter exploded with people not knowing that Natalie Imbruglia’s TORN was a cover, if that was something you didn’t know, well get ready for this truth bomb about Popular by Nada Surf. The whole song, except for the chorus, are parts made up from the 1964 teen advice book Penny's Guide to Teen-Age Charm and Popularity, written by television actress Gloria Winters. The spoken parts, done in a sarcastic Sam Kinison tone, struck a chord with mid 90’s teen crowd. It was perfect in that shoegazing ‘the world sucks’ way, done tongue firmly in cheek. Cool tune that we don’t hear enough of.


Faith No More – Falling to Pieces

I’m at odds with this song. I love it because it reminds me of rocking out at a mates places in the Gippsland Lakes as a teenager and we all thought Faith No More were unreal and the first album with Mike Patton (The Real Thing) is HUGE. But when I listen to it and compare it to everything else they’ve done, it’s straight up and down, it’s probably the least FNM more song that they do. The only real weirdness about it is that fact that Mike Patton added syllables to words to make them fit which you can’t help but sing along to. Despite its thumping kick arse bassline, their bassist Billy Gould was quoted as saying “That song sucks, let’s face it. I don’t know, we don’t groove on that one. Also, when you play it live, it just kind of gets boring". This is where I’m torn. I still love it, I still turn it up loud and sing along, and I know you will too. Sorry Billy, its ace. Case closed.


Spacehog – In The Meantime

Spacehog definitely fall into the ‘one hit wonder’ category here in Australia. Their debut album Resident Alien sold over 500,000 copies, which is a helluva feat, sadly though, not much followed as far as hits go. But this song totally encapsulated the 90’s. its gentle lilting guitar/keys opening backed up with a killer bassline and sing-a-long ‘ooohs’ ensured this would be a tune that radio would eat up. I put them in the Collective Soul camp of rock. Very catchy, very memorable, and often requested. I still love this song.


Third Eye Blind – Semi Charmed Life

Like Spacehog, Third Eye Blind created a monster with some sing-a-long goodness in Semi Charmed Life. Everyone loves a ‘doot doot doot’ mid tune don’t they? I think the most remarkable thing about this song is that even lead singer, Stephen Jenkins, couldn’t believe that Semi Charmed Life went huge, saying “Lyrically, I never thought that that would get on the radio and it still shocks me that they play it”. Don’t know what he’s talking about? Never taken much notice? Another quote from Mr Jenkins "It's a dirty, filthy song about snorting speed and getting blow jobs."


Francis Dunnery – American Life in The Summertime

This. Was. Huge. (In Australia). Completely out of left field, I’d never heard of Francis Dunnery before this song came out, I thought he must have been a new up and comer, but no! His is a rich history of being in a band (It Bites) and then being a guitarist for Robert Plant’s solo band, so by ’94 when he released his album Fearless, his most commercial work, he was match fit, ready to rumble. Another one hit wonder, but it was such a great tune (he even changed the lyric to Australian Life In The Summertime) that we adopted it as a summer anthem. It’s a feel good track for sure.


Collective Soul – Gel

What a tune. The two stand out tracks for me on Collective Soul’s self-titled album were Where the River Flows and this one, Gel. Just great, groove laden, straight up and down 90’s goodness. They didn’t reinvent the wheel with what they did, but there was a fuzz to their rock, the melodies, like it had a bounce to it that was totally infectious. Great tune, turn this one up.


Babybird – You’re Gorgeous

Cast your mind to 1996 for a moment, what were you doing around September? Just another day at work? Finishing High School? Travelling? I was on my second ever sojourn to Bali, Island of The Gods. Staying in an 18-35’s hotel where the partying was rife and hearty. The DJ’s on site would always play the latest gear, and that was the first time I heard Babybird - You’re Gorgeous. I wasn’t sold initially, the girls, however, loved it. I’m guessing because all they heard was the ‘Because you’re gorgeous, I’d do anything for you’ line and just thought it was a love song, when in fact it’s about how a male photographer exploits his female models. You’ll never listen to the song the same again.


The Badloves – Lost

Formed in 1990, dissolved in ’97, reformed in 2008, dissolved in 2010, reformed in 2015. I always thought The Badloves were a massively underrated band, despite their success with sales (debut was multi platinum), awards, and collaborations. Lost was their debut single in 1993, and their sound was a laid back bluesy jangly rock and roll that made me feel at home. It was very accessible, soulful and cool. I remember seeing them live a few times and they were tight as a drum, front man Michael Spiby’s voice was enviable and always spot on, seemingly effortless.

I hope these 10 tracks have ignited a fire in your collective memories and inspires you to revisit what was a pretty damn cool decade of music. I’ve already started to put together a ‘party disc’ for the cd stacker in my VL Commodore, how about you?

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