Tim Buckley: The Complete Album Collection

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Tim Buckley: The Complete Album Collection


Held in high regards for his eagerness to experiment within different genres, Tim Buckley, released seven studio albums between the years of 1966 and 1972.

All 7 of these albums together with 1 Tim Buckley compilation in a Clamshell box, titled the  Complete Album Boxset will be released on October 13th and available to pre-order here. 

This box begins with Tim Buckley’s debut eponymous album, originally released whilst he was still only nineteen years old, and very much within the folk genre. Fans will be able to follow his journey into poetry with Goodbye And Hello, flowing into his highest charting album Happy Sad which explores his Jazz influences at the time in 1968, noting newer instruments like the Vibraphone. The set will feature the next series of albums Blue Afternoon, Lorca and Starsailor (featuring "Song To The Siren" which was latterly covered by Robert Plant & John Frusciante) and Greetings from L.A. The set will include Works In Progress, Tim Buckley’s compilation album which includes recordings from 1967 & 1968.


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