Watch Bon Scott's High Voltage life as AC/DC Frontman Unfold on ‘Australian Story’

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Watch Bon Scott's High Voltage life as AC/DC Frontman Unfold on ‘Australian Story’

bon scott
Bon Scott. Photo by FG/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images.

To this day, late AC/DC frontman, Bon Scott, is considered one of the world’s best rock and roll singers. His wild life and death are a part of rock and roll history that will be remembered forevermore.  

In an exclusive interview with Australian Story, Bon’s brother, Derek Scott has opened up about the singer for the first time, sharing memories of his famous brother who lived life 'On the Brink'. "He did get bored very quickly," Scott said of his brother. "That was the biggest problem. When he got bored, he drank. He never worried about tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day."

The episode also includes interviews with Bon’s friends and former bandmates, including bassist Bruce Howe, who played with Scott in his pre-AC/DC band Fraternity and Cold Chisel frontman Jimmy Barnes, who originally replaced Scott in Fraternity.  

Scott’s hedonistic lifestyle was also the cause of his death when, on 19, 1980, he died of acute alcohol poisoning at the age of 33. 

Howe noted Scott's tendency to act recklessly when he was off the road. "It was a pattern. He was really, really steady until he got bored and he wasn't working," Howe said. "That's when he would start doing wild things. There was no future, there was only now, and he would take risks on his motorbike. He didn't give a bugger about whether he lived or died the next day."

The bassist recalled a change in Scott towards the end of 1979. "He wasn't bubbly and laughing," Howe said. "His holy grail had always been to get to the top in the rock 'n' roll business. And maybe he'd come to the stage where he's achieved his dream. He'd found his holy grail, but the holy grail just might have looked like an empty goblet.

Bon Scott's High Voltage life as AC/DC frontman | On the Brink full documentary | Australian Story

Following Scott's death, AC/DC recruited Brian Johnson and went on to enjoy astronomical success with the world-conquering Back in Black. But the band had sown the seeds of stardom with Scott, who did not get to reap the benefits of his hard work.

"I wish he was here to know that he'd made it," Derek Scott said of his brother. "Ron would have been 75. If Ron could see what was happening in the world today over himself, I think he'd have a good laugh. He really would. He'd be surprised, but he'd have a good laugh — and a drink."

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