Watch Joni Mitchell’s Angelic Performance of 'Urge For Going' from 1966

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Watch Joni Mitchell’s Angelic Performance of 'Urge For Going' from 1966

joni mitchell
Joni Mitchell. Photo by Don Smith/Radio Times via Getty Images.

We’re diving into the archives to bring you an angelic early performance of Joni Mitchell's 1966 track Urge For Going, live on Let’s Sing It Out in 1966essential viewing for Joni any fan!  

Joni Mitchell is undeniably a cultural phenomenon. Her otherworldly talent, a magnetic vocal that speaks straight to the heart of any listener, lyrics that define the universal knowings that hover on our peripheries, seemingly undefinable feelings that Joni pinpoints with effortless crystal vision. 

The pop icon’s legacy runs deep, carving a pioneering path that has undoubtedly shaped modern pop, naively challenging her early 60s counterparts with a level of unapologetic lyrical honesty that dug deeper than they dared; these days, it’s an element the genre almost commands… Adele anyone? 

But, like anybody else, iconic artists like Mitchell= all had to start somewhere. Unlike most, when she appeared on Let’s Sing Out to perform the first song she ever wrote with her then backing band, during their first-ever TV performance, Mitchell’s raw, game-changing talent was glaringly obvious. Anyone lucky enough to be watching this performance live in 1966 is surely unsurprised that we’re still talking about it in 2021!

Enjoy below. 

Joni Mitchell | ‘Urge for Going’ [1966]

Joni Mitchell | ‘Urge For Going’ [Official Audio]

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