Watch The Rolling Stones’ Iconic ‘Start Me Up’ Video Performed by Robot Dogs

Watch The Rolling Stones’ Iconic ‘Start Me Up’ Video Performed by Robot Dogs

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The Rolling Stones are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their 1981 LP Tattoo You and its slamming lead single Start Me Up in the most unexpected way!

Teaming up with a robotics company called Boston Dynamics, the Stone’s iconic Start Me Up music video, featuring the full rock swagger of Mick Jagger, with a pack of robot dogs.

The video starts with just one mechanical hound matching Jagger move for move, before moving out to a wider shot that reveals the entire band’s parts being performed verbatim by the computerized canines. 

It’s one of the greatest uses of technology we’ve ever seen! Enjoy below. 

The Rolling Stones & Boston Dynamics | “Spot Me Up” 

Speaking on how Start Me Up evolved during the writing process, Keith Richards once said, “The story here is the miracle that we ever found that track. I was convinced – and I think Mick was – that it was definitely a reggae song. And we did it in 38 takes – ‘Start me up. Yeah, man, cool. You know, you know, Jah Rastafari.’ And it didn’t make it.

“And somewhere in the middle of a break, just to break the tension, Charlie and I hit the rock and roll version. And right after that, we went straight back to reggae. And we forgot totally about this one little burst in the middle, until about five years later when somebody sifted all the way through these reggae takes.

“After doing about 70 takes of Start Me Up he found that one in the middle. It was just buried in there. Suddenly I had it. Nobody remembered cutting it. But we leapt on it again. We did a few overdubs on it, and it was like a gift, you know?”

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