10 Great Beatles Covers PART 2

10 Great Beatles Covers PART 2


Last week we presented you with 10 Great Beatles covers and it was literally impossible to stop at just ten, so here is an additional ten that we at ILYOS think are fantastic interpretations of The Fab Four's classics. 

Of course, you can check out Part 1 (1-10) featuring Joe Cocker, Elvis and Gary Clark Jr here, and a selection of Beatles covers by Aussie artists including Doug Parkinson and The Seekers here

  1. David Bowie “Across The Universe”

Another ‘70s icon who covered the Beatles at the peak of his popularity was Bowie, who included this on his 1975 Young Americans album. 

  1. U2 “Helter Skelter”

Of course, huge rock/pop icons didn’t stop covering the Beatles in the ‘70s – U2 cut this in 1988…


  1. Amy Winehouse “All My Loving”

… Amy cut this in 2004…


  1. Kurt Cobain  "And I Love Her"             

… and Kurt recorded this at home. (It appeared in 2015 on Montage Of Heck - The Home Recordings).

  1. Tori Amos "Happiness Is A Warm Gun"

No bad taste intended, but this wack-job Lennon number was probably more like what you’d expect Kurt to have covered – more so anyway than the early Paul ballad that he did record. Tori, at least, was true to form… 

  1. David Cassidy “Please Please Me”

The Beatles, of course, provided the template for subsequent bouts of pop hysteria, and their exciting early pop style clearly set the tone for the likes of the Bay City Rollers and ABBA in the ‘70s. One pop sensation who took it a step further and dabbled in their actual songbook was the Artist Otherwise Known As Keith Partridge, who included this cover on his scream-drenched 1974 live album. 

  1. Cheap Trick “Magical Mystery Tour”

Another ‘70s sensation with strong Beatles intonations (so much so that John Lennon got them in on the early sessions that ultimately became his Double Fantasy album), Cheap Trick included this as an extra on their Greatest Hits album in 1991.  

  1. Judy Collins "In My Life"       

Dylan wasn’t the only artist changing the face of folk music in the ‘60s – the Beatles had a massive influence here as well. Not only did they convert younger folkies - including the members of the Byrds, Mamas & Papas and the Lovin’ Spoonful - to rock music, but the depth of their writing had a profound influence on more established artists, like Dylan himself, and the great Judy Collins.

  1. Crosby, Stills & Nash "Blackbird"                         

Speaking of the Byrds (David Crosby was a founding member) and Judy Collins (who was squired by Stephen Stills around the time of this recording), the Californian folk-rock scene spectacularly combined with British pop royalty when Graham Nash moved to LA after leaving the Hollies. This incredible, harmony-rich Beatles cover was a Woodstock highlight.

  1. Phil Collins "Tomorrow Never Knows"          

Not content with inventing new drum sounds, Phil had the audacity to add his own stamp to this almost untouchable track on his massive Face Value album

- Dave Laing 

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