5 Great Kate Bush Music Videos

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5 Great Kate Bush Music Videos

kate bush
Kate Bush. Photo by URLI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images.

Delve into the wonderfully wild imagination of Kate Bush, in all its abstract glory, with five of her greatest music videos below. 

'Wuthering Heights' [Version 1]

What a debut! When Kate Bush released Wuthering Heights as the first single from her debut album, The Kick Inside in February 1978, she virtually reinvented the pop genre. Inspired by Emily Bronte’s 1847 novel of the same name, this bold first video sees her re-enact a storyline worthy of a feature-length film through interpretive dance and somehow make perfect sense in the process.

When the song hit number one on the UK charts, it was the first time a song both written and performed by a female artist had ever done so – and Kate was only 19 at the time! 43-years later, Wuthering Heights remains one of the most original and successful debuts of all time. 


From her 1980 Never For Ever LP, Babooshka was one of the year’s top-selling singles in Australia. According to an interview Kate Bush gave to Countdown while on tour in Oz, the song details a wife's destructive desire to test her husband's loyalty, in a temper trap of love and paranoia, that ultimately consumes her. It was far from the average themes found in 1980s pop music, but from Kate Bush, sounds perfectly natural. 


The succinctly titled, Wow arrived on Kate’s second album, Lionheart in 1980; with it, another interpretive dance masterpiece! 


Hailing back to her literary references, the Cloudbusting music video is something of a cinematic feat! Once again, in under five minutes, Kate Bush delivers a feature-length storyline that takes inspiration from the 1973 Peter Reich memoir, A Book of Dreams. Reich, portrayed in the video by the actor Donald Sutherland, claimed he had invented a machine called a “cloudbuster,” which could channel a cosmic life force, disperse atmospheric pollution and stimulate clouds to rain. Of course, his claims were unfortunately fraudulent and Reich was ultimately jailed for selling lies.   

Sure does make for an epic music video plot! 

'Running Up That Hill'

Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) is one of the most ubiquitous pop hits of all time. The track first appeared on her 1985 Hounds of Love LP and has since been covered by dozens of artists, including Tori Amos and Placebo.

Earlier this year, the 1985 track featured in a prominent scene of the cult sci-fi series Stranger Things, which triggered a global resurgence in popularity, geared by a whole new generation of fans. Not long after the series aired, Running Up That Hill (Deal with God) hit number one on the UK Singles chart for the very first time - and broke a few Guinness World Records in the process! Read more below. 



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