Aerosmith's Tour Van Found In The Woods

Aerosmith's Tour Van Found In The Woods

aerosmith van found in bush
(Photo: American Pickers / History Channel)

Imagine wandering into the bush and stumbling across an old rusty van that just so happened to belong to one of the biggest rock bands of the past four decades? 

Well, it just happened!

If you've ever watched the TV show American Pickers on the History Channel, you'd know that show hosts and antique collectors, Mike and Frank, trek all over the USA in search of junk - or, rusty gold, as they like to call it. They are restorers and collectors, and sometimes they find stuff that would blow your mind.

This particular find has gotta go down as one of the greatest though.

An old decrepit van, with Aerosmith painted on the side. Mike sent a photo of it to his mate, Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, who forwarded it on to Joe Perry (Aerosmith guitarist) and it was confirmed that the van was in fact one of the band's first ever modes of transport in the 70s.

And the best bit, one lucky fan will get to own this one of a kind piece of band memorabilia! Mike and Frank paid $25,000 (US) for it and said it was one of the biggest and most important pieces of rock n roll history they've ever found.

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