Bee Ges VS AC/DC

Bee Ges VS AC/DC


We can't decide if this is really good or just weird. In any case, a bit of fun to see two iconic songs by incredible bands mashed-up together by a very clever DJ!

Of course, nothing tops the originals! 

"Back In Black" from the album of the same name was AC/DC's first album with vocalist Brian Johnson, replacing Bon Scott, who died in February of the same year, shortly before the band started recording the album. Instead of disbanding, the group decided to continue with Johnson. The album's all-black cover was designed as a "sign of mourning" for Bon Scott.

"Stayin Alive" by the Bee Gees was written by Barry, Maurice, and Robin for the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack released in 1977. The song peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts where it stayed for 4 weeks, making it their most successful song.

If you like these hits, you'll probably be right into our 'It's A Long Way To The Shop If You Wanna Sausage Roll' playlist on Spotify featuring rock and pop hits fo the 70s/early 80s...

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