Elton John & Alice Cooper Have Recreated an Iconic Photo 50 Years After the Original Snap

Elton John & Alice Cooper Have Recreated an Iconic Photo 50 Years After the Original Snap

Posted 26 May 2021
elton john, alice cooper
Elton John & Alice Cooper. Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images. 

Elton John and Alice Cooper have recreated an iconic photo from the rock annals some 50 years after the original snap was taken. 

In 1971, the pair were captured celebrating Elton’s longtime songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin’s 21st birthday; Elton wearing his signature star sunglasses while Alice Cooper holds a cigarette to the lips of the late comedian, Paul Lynde. 

50 years later, gathered together once again to celebrate Taupin’s 71st birthday, they recreated the iconic snap. Will & Grace actor Eric McCormack was honoured to step in for Paul Layne, sharing the two pics together on Instagram with the caption: 

“Bernie Taupin’s 21st Birthday and, last night, his 71st,” wrote McCormack as he shared the snaps on Instagram. “50 years later and I got to be Paul Lynde! 15-year-old me would be losing his mind!”



Elton also penned a heartfelt tribute to his collaborator and close friend, who he has worked with since 1967. 

“Celebrating the milestone birthday of my musical soulmate,” wrote Elton. “Happy Birthday Brother, I love you.”

They have been writing together since both responding to the same ad placed in the NME by a record company looking for songwriters. The fateful pairing has produced a staggering collection of hits in the decades since, including “Rocket Man” and “Candle in the Wind.”

Elton John | “Rocket Man” [Royal Festival Hall, London 1972]


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