Flashback to Rod Stewart ‘Sailing’ at Wembley Stadium in 1986

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Flashback to Rod Stewart ‘Sailing’ at Wembley Stadium in 1986

rod stewart
Rod Stewart. Photo by Brian Cooke/Redferns/Getty Images.

This week in 1975, Rod Stewart started a four week run at number one on the UK singles chart with his heartrending anthem Sailing.   

The song, originally composed and released by the Sutherland Brothers in 1972, was released by Stewart on his 1975 album, Atlantic Crossing and became an international hit for the singer after it was used in a BBC TV series that same year. It returned to the charts again in 1976 and 1987, making it one of Sir Rod’s greatest successes.

In 2012’s Rod: the Autobiography, Stewart remembered tracking the anthemic vocal after being awoken in his hotel room by a 10 am phone call from producer Tom Dowd at Muscles Shoals requesting his presence in the studio. "I was like: 'You're joking,” Stewart recalled. “Recording at 10:30 in the morning. I need a drink to calm the old nerves... I’d never sung anything in a studio without having a drink – let alone a big old anthem. And I'd never sung anything, anywhere that early in the morning. Got it in six or seven takes though." 

Watch him belt out that “big old anthem” to a packed Wembley Stadium below – and keep an eye out for some familiar faces on stage! 

Rod Stewart | Sailing [Wembley Stadium, 1986]

Sir Rod Stewart’s rekindled love of songwriting grows ever stronger on his brand-new studio album, The Tears of Hercules – his fourth new album of original songs since 2013, and his 31st album to date! For this latest collection, Stewart wrote nine of the 12 songs, including the first single, One More Time. The album also features covers of Marc Jordan, Johnny Cash, and more. 

Watch the official music video for One More Time below.

Rod Stewart | One More Time

Tears of Hercules will be available on CD and vinyl, November 12th. Pre-order, here. 


rod stewart vinyl


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